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Chicano Park shines bright in the heart of Barrio Logan. It is the main creative source from which many local artists draw their inspiration and it is also powerful symbol of Chicano strength and community. This historic national monument is definitely a must see experience when visiting Barrio Logan.


Walk under the Coronado bridge and witness the endless stream of beautiful, vibrant Chicano themed murals splashed alongside an acre of sacred land and then educate yourself about the electrifying community protests that sparked this legendary park into existence. 

streets & alleys
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Walk the streets of Barrio Logan and instantly become immersed in the incredibly brilliant work of well known street muralist Jorge Mendoza @nestmurals

Over the years, Jorge has continued to bless the Barrio Logan community, with colorful street murals that stretch alongside residential homes and into the narrow alleyways that run parallel to Logan Avenue. 

Walk the streets of Barrio Logan and allow for your soul to be inspired and your passion to be awakened...

Viva La Barrio Logan!

Artist Studios 


Over the last decade, artists from all over the world have traveled to Barrio Logan with the intention of creating meaningful art for the community. As you walk the block be sure to peek your head into the many creative art studios that are scattered along Logan Avenue.


Meet these passionate visionaries, face to face, and then immerse yourself within the beautiful landscape of their life's work.


Come and say hi this weekend _#sandiego